How Much Does Fence Repair Cost in 2023?

The cost of repairing damage to a fence might range anywhere from $270 – $785, depending on the severity of the condition.

The national average cost to repair a fence is $495, but most homeowners spend between $50 and $1,600 to get their fence back in shape. The cost of repairing even minor damage might typically range anywhere from $270 – $785, depending on the severity of the condition.

Many professionals, from home builders to specialized fence contractors, offer fence repair services to help a fence regain its structure and aesthetic appeal. The amount of damage a fence has incurred, the kind of fencing material that needs to be repaired, and the local labor prices are all factors that will determine how much it will cost to repair your fence. 

This guide includes:

Average Fence Repair Costs in 2023

The national average cost to repair a fence is $495. Homeowners can spend as low as $50 and as high as $1,600 for a fence repair.

National Average Cost$495
Typical Price Range$270 – $785
Extreme Low-End Cost$50 
Extreme High-End Cost$1,600 

Most fence repairs entail fixing rotted wood, replacing broken boards, or mending a gate. The cost of these services varies depending on a variety of factors that are discussed below. Fence repair costs typically range from $270 to $785 but might be higher if repairs are more extensive.

Fence Repair Cost Estimator By Size and Material

Depending on the type of material used, the size of the area that needs to be fixed, and the difficulty of the repair, the cost can range from $20 to $48 per linear foot. So, all fencing materials combined have an average repair cost of $34 per foot

For this reason, you need to know the material of your fence and the size of the damaged area to estimate the cost of repairs accurately. 

Fence Material Average Cost Per Linear Foot
Vinyl Fence $28
Wood Fence$23
Chain-link Fence$23
Wrought-Iron Fence$30
Aluminum Fence$48
Bamboo Fence$20
Lattice Fence$33

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Repair costs can be estimated differently depending on various factors, including the fence types being fixed, the extent of the damage, and average labor costs in your area. 

Fencing Material

The cost of repairing or upgrading a fence will vary depending on the materials employed. The price of fencing materials can range widely. The price to repair high-end materials like metal or glass is higher. Fixing a fence made of inexpensive materials, such as barbed wire, bamboo, or chain-link, is cheaper.

Fence MaterialTypical Repair Cost
Vinyl / PVC$485
Wrought Iron$700
Barbed Wire$220
Electric pet fence$175

Repair Type

The type of repair a fence requires is also a major determinant in anticipating total project cost. Types of repair might include leaning fences, rehanging fallen fences, repairing holes, cracks, rot, etc.

Leaning Fence

Taking certain measures to prevent further damage from leaning or collapsing posts is important. In most cases, you may expect to pay $350 to fix a fence that has leaned over. Even a small number of drooping or fallen posts might compromise the security of your whole fence; therefore, repairing or replacing them right away is essential. 

Rehang Fallen Fence

Falling panels not only damage your fence but also affect the visual beauty of your home. Typically, bad weather, storms, and accidents are the reasons behind falling fence panels. A fallen fence panel also stresses the support posts, which calls for an urgent fix. Rehanging a fallen fence section costs an average of $275.

Repair Holes and Cracks

Cracks and holes are usually caused by dryness. If they remain unrepaired, they may cause long-lasting damage to the fence. The average cost to fix holes and cracks in a fence is $250.

Repair Wood Rot

Wooden fences usually rot because of moisture, fungus, or insects. Rot can weaken and damage your fence. Therefore, wood rot needs to be removed, and the fence needs to be fixed, costing about $275 on average.

Replace Fence Panel

Replacing a fence panel or board might cost an average of $240. However, this cost depends on the material type, damage extent, height, and width of the panel to be replaced.

Fence Post Replacement

Fence post replacement can cost an average of $60 – $165 per post.

Type of FenceAverage Replacement Cost Per Post
Barbed Wire$45

Gate Repair or Replacement

Fence gate repair is usually more costly than repairs for the rest of the fence. Gate repair might involve repairing worn-out hardware like hinges and locks or installing a whole new gate. Gate repair and replacement can cost homeowners an average of $150 – $775.

Gate ReplacementAverage Repair and Replacement Cost 
Barbed Wire$195

Labor Cost

The cost of labor to repair a fence depends on factors such as the severity of the damage, the time involved, and the type of fence. However, the average labor cost to repair a fence is $345, with most homeowners spending between $125 and $565.


It’s more expensive to build and maintain a fence of a considerable height. Fixing a taller fence will take more time and more materials, increasing the project’s hourly labor cost. Work is multiplied when parts of a fence must be trimmed down to size in order to fit a non-standard-height fence.

Fence Repair vs. Fence Replacement

Fence repairs can cost anywhere from $270 to $785, with the high end going up to $1,600. However, the average cost to install a new fence costs homeowners between $1,330 and $5,550. The average cost per linear foot is $27, ranging from $8 to $46

The installation price includes skilled labor and material costs. Compared to a simple repair, replacing the entire fence will likely be more difficult, time-consuming, and costly. But a full fence replacement becomes necessary in cases of severe damage, such as a leaning fence, fully rotten fence, or many damaged fence posts.

However, property owners should consider just a repair of the fence instead of replacement in case of minor damages. Minor damages include small holes or cracks, rotten paint, one or two fallen posts or panels, etc. 

You might choose to add some services to your fence repair job, whether they are essential or just for style. The overall project cost is affected by such services. Here are a couple of them, along with their estimated typical costs.

Fence Removal

The average fence removal cost is $3 – $5 per linear foot. Skilled fence installers will break down and truck away your old fence. Your contractor will likely charge you a fixed cost or charge by linear foot for removing the fence. It will be more costly to remove taller fences as compared to shorter ones. 

Painting and Staining

You might require painting or staining a newly installed fence. Some fences, like wooden fences, might need paint or stain to protect them from rot, insects, etc.

You have two options when deciding whether to paint or stain your fence. You may hire a professional fence installer to paint or do it yourself by purchasing essential tools like paint, varnish, paintbrush, tarps, and a ladder. 

However, if you go for the option of hiring a professional, then it would cost you about $5 per linear foot.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Fence repair can be done independently, but it may require you to purchase some tools and materials if you don’t already own them. See a list of tools that you might need for common DIY fence repairs in the table below (along with how much each tool typically costs).

DIY EquipmentAverage Cost 
Work gloves$10
Tape measure$18
Safety glasses$16
Replacement materials$20 – $48 per linear foot
Concrete mix$20

The cost to buy DIY materials for repairing holes, cracks, or leaning fence panels ranges from $10 – $20. Homeowners may have to spend an additional cost of $20 – $48 per linear foot if they need to replace a section of the fence. 

Holes or cracks may be easy to repair yourself, but replacing a fence entirely will be a time-consuming task, which we recommend leaving to a professional fence installer. 

Cost of Fence Repair by Location

This cost guide is based on the national average fence repair cost. However, when you factor in the expense of professional labor, your fence repair project’s final bill could look very different from one region to the next. Costs to hire a fencing pro in large cities is usually more expensive than in smaller towns, and some states have higher taxes, resulting in increased material costs.


Is a permit required to repair a fence?

In most cases, a permit is not required to make minor repairs to a fence. But it may be required under some specific regulations. The average cost of a permit ranges from $40 to $200. Contact your local building authority or a fence contractor in your area to find out if you need a permit and how much it costs. 

How much time does a fence take to repair?

Repairing a fence typically takes between one and three days. However, consult an expert fence contractor to assess the condition and damage for a more accurate timeline. 

How can fences be damaged?

Extensive exposure to rain, sunlight, wind, and moisture results in corrosion, which is the main cause of damage. So, choosing weather-appropriate materials is important if you want them to last long.

Is replacing a fence more cost-effective than repairing it?

You need to assess your fence to know for certain. Replacing is the best option if your fence is in poor condition. On the other hand, if it’s relatively new and requires only a little improvement, then repairing it will work well and cost less.  

Final Thoughts

Eventually, all fences will need some kind of repair or maintenance. Your home’s value and privacy are all at risk if your fence is damaged. To get your fence repaired, you should hire a fencing professional, who may charge you an average of $495, with costs typically ranging from $270 to $785

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