Author: Alex Birkett

General Lawn Care

A Quick Guide to Core Aeration

Core aeration is one of those lawn care practices that are hidden in plain sight. It probably sounds familiar to you (or maybe not), but you’ve surely seen core aeration before. Think back to your football/soccer field in high school. Remember all those little pellets of dirt scattered all over? […]

General Lawn Care

Quick Guide to Lawn Fertilization

Feeding your lawn, some say, is the most important thing you can do in pursuit of a vibrant lawn. The following article will explain the why, when, and how of lawn fertilization. Why Is Lawn Fertilization Necessary? Fertilizer feeds your soil. In order to grow a lush, green lawn, your […]

Fairfax, VA, General Lawn Care

A Quick Guide to Fall Leaf Removal

Autumn is a beautiful season, especially in the Northern Virginia area. We love it for its temperate climate and beautiful foliage. Late fall is also a crucial time for lawn care. You should already be familiar with the benefits of overseeding and aeration. Equally important to your lawn’s appearance, though, is leaf […]