Best Ways to Fight Fire Ants in Huntsville, AL

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Fire ants are a huge pest for just about everyone, especially during summer months when grass and landscapes are in full bloom. People who enjoy spending time outside will probably encounter fire ants at some point.

Alabama is home to three types of fire ants: black imported fire ants, red imported fire ants and a hybrid of the two.  They’re nuisances to people and can be deadly to animals. They also cause huge problems for machinery.

People in Huntsville, Alabama have been fighting these invaders since the 1930s when they made their way from South America into the Mobile, Alabama onboard cargo ships.  Here are the best ways to fight fire ants in Huntsville and get on with your outdoor plans.


You’ll find fire ant pesticides in spray, liquid or granular forms. Some kill on contact and others are taken back to the mound to continue working overtime, eventually killing the colony’s queen. The sprays or liquids work immediately, and granular versions can take a couple of days.


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Bait can take longer to do the trick, but tend to be more effective. The insects find it as they’re foraging for food,  collect the poison and bring it back to their mound. It then kills the eggs and larvae of new fire ants. Most take 4 to 6 weeks to work but can be up to 90 percent effective. You can use bait treatments twice a year — once in fall and once in spring — to keep the fire ants out of your yard.

Phorid Flies:

It may not be something you can do yourself, but some research can help you find out if this has been used in your area. Phorid flies are also native to South America and are the fire ants natural predators.  These insects decapitate the fire ants and reduce the infestation in your yard without chemicals. This natural remedy works well when an entire neighborhood and community are infested.

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Ongoing fire ant treatments can help you regain control of your yard! With proper fire ant control, you, your kids and your pets can see fewer bites and stings from the pesky insects. Get help combating the problem in your lawn by contacting a professional with our Huntsville lawn care services.


Rachael Baihn

Rachael is an avid gardener, both indoors and in her backyard sanctuary. She can often be found exploring nature off the beaten track or enjoying the company of local neighborhood dogs.